Under Eye Circles and Wrinkles

Under Eye Circles and Wrinkles

The area around the eyes (periorbital) is often the first one to show the loss of collagen and elastin that occurs in the skin with advancing age. I often hear from my patients that this region of the face has the most obvious wrinkling.The changes usually begin to appear when people are in their 30s. The eyebrows descend, tiny “crow’s feet” splay out from the corners of the eyes, and dark circles and puffy “bags” emerge beneath the eyes. All of these changes can make you look older than your years. They can also make you look persistently tired.




What Causes the Bags and Wrinkles of “Tired Eyes”?

The early appearance of crow’s feet is usually the result of too much sun exposure. Tanning also darkens the melanin pigment in your skin, causing the area around your eyes (particularly under them) to look darker than it would normally.


Heredity is also behind many of the features of “tired eyes,” particularly the formation of bags in the tear trough under the eyes. If your parents tended to have baggy eyes, you may too. Other factors-not getting enough sleep, stress, inadequate nutrition, and allergies, to name a few-can intensify these features.


What Treatments are Available?

Many procedures are available for rejuvenating the eyes-and subtracting years from your face. Dermal fillers ; can help improve wrinkles around your eyes by filling in the hollow spaces there. Laser skin rejuvenation can reduce crow’s feet and the enlarged blood vessels that contribute to the creation of shadows under your eyes. Radiofrequency treatments, such as Thermage, can also tighten the skin under your eyes-and encourage new collagen to form.


Which treatment is best for you? That will depend on many factors, including your age and the tone and condition of your skin. Your physician will help you determine the safest and most effective treatment for you.

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