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Products can be used topically to superficially improve the look and texture of skin

The first thing I would recommend topically to anyone interested in enhancing their skin would be sunscreen. Applying sunscreen to your face and arms (and any exposed areas) will prevent the sun from causing further damage. The sun is the main cause of aged, damaged-looking skin and it’s never too late to apply sunscreen. The second step is an evening regimen.

There is a vast array of creams and products on the market today sold as ‘cures’ for wrinkles and aged skin. To date, the only thing recognized by the FDA to improve aged and wrinkled skin are retinoids. Retin-A products used topically are effective at improving aged and wrinkled skin.


Other products can be used topically to superficially improve the look and texture of skin. Moisturizers, which hydrate the skin, can be applied everyday to improve the feel and texture of the skin.

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Removing the Old, Dead Cells

As people grow older our skin naturally loses its ability to shed dead skin cells as quickly as before. The stratum corneum, that dead cell layer, is a place where makeup can get stuck and make the skin look worse than it actually is. We can use products that lightly remove these dead cells (exfoliate), in combination with moisturizers and sunscreen, to improve the look of our skin. There are methods such as microdermabrasion and acid peels which remove these dead cells and help our skin look its best.


Also popular topically are antioxidants. The sun causes inflammation in our skin which continues to damage skin long after we are out of the sun. Antioxidants reportedly aide the skin by preventing the damage from inflammation. The jury, however, is still out as to how effective antioxidents really are.

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You guessed it... the sun is the main cause